Bespoke Wedding Suits

Bespoke Wedding Suits From James Personal Tailor & Son, Manchester City Centre Premier Bespoke Suit Tailors

Welcome to our bespoke wedding page. We have a superb knowledge and following for our specialist bespoke wedding attire, be it for a contemporary lounge suit in a more neutral colour, that you may want to wear after the big day or that special one off designed suit using a range of more extravagant colours to choose from which are completely unique one off designs and never to be found in the high street shops.

Designs are truly what you feel, if you like a certain pocket style or lapel style from a picture you may have seen of a suit, we can more than likely copy this for you into your mens bespoke wedding suit. Whatever design ideas you have from the 1960’s mod suit style up to the 1980’s loosely fitted suits, or a very up to date contemporary bespoke suit with a more fitted design.

We can do this for you and guide you through the design process and come up with ideas for your mens bespoke wedding suit.