Bespoke vs Made To Measure

Bespoke vs Made To Measure Suits

It important when looking for a new tailor that its easy to spot who makes made to measure suits and who makes bespoke suits.

The two are quite different and both have pros and cons.

Without making this too technical it comes down generally to a few key areas.

If your tailor is offering a made to measure suit it will be 99% of the time made in a factory elsewhere off premises and not in house.

The made to measure suits process will start with choosing fabric and style as the same as the bespoke suit process but will generally only come with one fitting at the finished stage, with no canvas fitting stage.

Made to measure suits are definitely a step up from off the peg suits and will fit much better.

Its just important you don’t end up paying bespoke prices for a made to measure suit.

Now onto the bespoke suits, bespoke suits will involve more fittings and more time input from you the customer and your tailor you choose.

You will still go over the same process as fabric, lining, style and measurements with your tailor, so initially it does seem the same. But its when the tailors starts to make the suit is where the difference starts.

Bespoke tailor made suits will be made starting from a pattern from the customers unique body measurements and this in turn with your correct body stance will have drafted a pattern unique to you. Then the tailor will cut out the suit fabric from a drafted pattern and base together your suit fabric also using canvas chest piece construction and many hand stitching.

Our suits are of a Savile Row quality and construction, only producing around two to three bespoke suits a week.

So, all in all…

Off the peg

Pro: Take it away that very day.

Con: Limited choose of fabrics, lining and styles, fitment will be to a standard fitment 40 reg etc… and prob not fit very well.

Made To Measure

Pro: Much better fitment than off the peg, choice of fabric, lining and style, only two visits needed.

Con:¬†Fitment wouldn’t be quite as good as a bespoke suit, lacking hand made finishing touches only a bespoke suit can have.


Pro: The purists suit, made unique to you from a drafted pattern, lots more hand stitching involved

Con: Involves three to four visits for canvas fitting stages and final finish stage.