Scabal Exclusive Range

Scabal Exclusive Range

Diamond Chip by Scabal

The iconic Diamond Chip collection was the very first of our pioneering luxury fabrics to incorporate precious stones within the weave. By crushing pure diamonds into fragments, we are able to directly blend them into a Super 150’s wool and pure silk suiting at our heritage British mill. The result is a thread that shimmers in the light, giving garments a subtle luxurious glow, alongside a soft feel and drape.

Treasure Box by Scabal

Our exquisite Treasure Box collection brings the pleasure of platinum and 24-carat gold to the world of suitings. Crafted from ultra fine Super 150’s merino wool, the precious metals are interwoven into this luxury cloth by our British master weavers. Midnight blue, anthracite grey and noble black ground shades set off platinum and gold flecks depending upon the design chosen.

Lapis Lazuli by Scabal

Our Lapis Lazuli suiting collection combines fragments of the noble stone into an exquisite blend of Super 150’s wool and cashmere. This luxury cloth’s subtle lustre is achieved when our British master weavers combine the mineral with the cloth using exclusive techniques. The collection is available in several shades of blue, each of which pays homage to the stone’s naturally vivid colour and mystique.

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