The Bespoke Suit Process Of A Hand Made Suit

1st meeting, suit style

This is the opening stage, we sit down and discuss cloths, suit styles and designs, and the end product you would like.If you are going to be wearing the suit to work for example we would recommend a more durable heavier weight wool compared to if you wanted a wedding suit where you could go for a light weight wool suiting with a more luxury feel and look for that special occasion.

During the final part of the meeting we take your suit measurements and examine your body configuration. By this point we will have most of the ideas developed for you. This first meeting takes around 1 hour.
bespoke tailors hand crafted suit




2nd meeting, first fitting at the canvas stage 

The first bespoke suit fitting at the canvas stage is around 3-4 weeks after our first meeting, the suit will be half finished by James and ready to try on. We use this opportunity to mould the suit to your body, as well as looking at the way the suit fits. At this point we evaluate the suit fitting and make any necessary adjustments accordingly. It is easier to make these decisions when the suit is at this stage. This process will take 30 minutes. 
fitting of bespoke tailored suit


'Hand stitched fitting of a 'bespoke jacket' at the canvas stage 
bespoke jacket canvas fitting canvas & hand stitch work


3rd meeting, final fitting

This final bespoke suit fitting will be around 3 weeks after our second meeting.Your suit will be all ready to try on, at this point we ensure your satisfaction with the final garment.


The finished bespoke suit


But before all of this happens your suit fabric has to be made.

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